Why Instagram Reels Are Best In Getting Engagement?


Which social media platform is commonly used by celebrities to post images and videos? Which is the place where 90-second videos will lead you into an entertaining rabbit-hole. It’s Instagram! This social media platform is so popular that its name is now a verb.Most of the short videos on the internet are usually sourced from Instagram. So what are these short videos? These short videos are called “Reels” and are scientifically calculated to capture a user’s attention for a long time with a series of 1-minute videos flowing in continuously. Since the videos are not lengthy, people usually tend to watch the whole video leading to greater engagement from users. In this article, you can explore the many different ways to boost Instagram reels engagement from your audience and enhance your reels to attract more views.

Why Are Instagram Reels the Best Way to Increase Audience Engagement? 

Ever wondered why time flies especially when we are watching Instagram reels? We would have spent hours and hours, yet we would still feel that only a few minutes have passed. Yes, that is the power of Instagram reels. So, let us see the secret behind the power of reels on Instagram that keeps people engaged for hours.

More Content In Less Time

In this fast-moving world, everyone wants to enjoy everything within a short period without spending much time. This is the reason why people prefer fast foods over healthy foods. Hence, just like fast food, Instagram reels offer the user a variety of content in less than 90 seconds. 

The Average Time Spent Is Longer Than On Other Platforms 

The average person spends a minimum of 30 minutes per day on Instagram, which is more than any other social media platform, according to the survey.

Creative Content

Since the reels are only 90 seconds long, the content creators have adapted to this trend and have created content that is impressive as well as attractive. Hence, creators were able to deliver a lot of amazing content to their users within a short period of time. 

Addictive Nature

Availability of amazing content within 90 seconds has made Instagram reels so engaging and addictive to people.

What Type of Reels Get More Engagement On Instagram?

Instagram is all about content. If you want to grow on this social media platform, you will need content that is unique and interesting. Viewers look for value in your content. You have to produce content that can get a viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds to acquire more views and followers. The most popular genre of reels that have gone viral includes comedy and informative or factual videos.

Majorly, it also depends on the niche you specialise in. You will need to explore and research on the best possible methods of acquiring and producing content that can bring the best performance on the platform. The content shouldn’t just be filled with information, it should also have aspects that grab the interest of the users. Make sure to keep the content short and compact without overloading it with information.

Implementing ideas that have already seen success on the platform is also one of the best-known working concepts. This method is effective as it has already proven that the algorithm of the platform has accepted and boosted the content, which may lead to the same result with your content.

How To Boost Instagram Reels Engagement?

Instagram is one of the greatest platforms to spread awareness and share amazing content. So, the big question is, how to get viewers to engage with your content? Here are some tips that may help in your endeavor.

Use Creative Effects, Edits, and Transitions

Creative filters, effects, and edits are the soul of Instagram reels. Captions can also be a major help in this. Instagram videos need to be attractive and must grab the attention of the viewer. This is best done with edits, filters, and effects.

Keep Track of The Beginning

The secret to attracting viewers is to make the first 10 seconds super attractive. They price their time against your content. The average attention span of a person in 2022 is 8 seconds. Thats even less than a goldfish. The perfect content with the best taglines can make it easier. With some proper sequencing, transitions, and editing you can get the perfect video that has viral potential.

Avoid Low-Quality Videos

Low quality videos usually earn you an instant swipe. Getting a good-quality camera to record videos can fix this issue. Even phones with a good camera can do the trick. Remember, Quality can get you quantity.

Don’t Rip Off Content

No doubt, there are a ton of good videos out there, but most of them usually have a watermark. Don’t use videos or part of videos in yours. Instagram videos usually go viral if they contain interesting and unique content. 

Use Instagram Inbuilt Editor

There are many known editors and filters for editing and modifying videos for Instagram. The best editor is the one that is completely compatible with Instagram. Well, which is more better than the editor in-built into Instagram? The in-built editor in Instagram has all the effects, transitions, and editing tools optimised just for Instagram, making it easier and more convenient to use.

Follow the Trends

There are many things going on and staying up to date with the trends is one of the most important things for Instagram content creators. Trends attract people’s curiosity and curiosity is the main targeted feature of this platform. Keep tabs on trending topics and create content related to it.

Be a Regular!

To have viewers coming back to you and follow your account, you’ll need to be regular on your updates. Posting videos and pictures on your niche every day will lead to having frequent visitors to your videos earning you views. Having a consistent schedule on your uploads is a good habit to receive regular engagement.

Consider The Overall Experience 

Recently, there has been a survey conducted by Instagram using data from its users about Reels. Instagram Reels which are repurposed or uploaded from sources outside of Instagram or those videos which have watermarks from other apps were unappealing and distracting leading to a bad user experience. Always make sure to have non-offensive content for more engagement. The comment section of the post can be of utmost importance for this.

Key Features Of Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels are videos with a 90-second time limit. As the human concentration span keeps on decreasing, long videos tend to be ignored. The 1 minute to 90-second videos continuously overflows leading you into an infinite rabbit hole. There are many reasons that Instagram Reels are popular. Some of them are listed below.

Less Time Consuming

Since videos are short and are up to 90 seconds, they consume way less time compared to your standard videos. This helps capture the attention of viewers as they subconsciously refuse to spend more time on videos.

Easy To Share and Engage With Audiences

The major feature of Instagram reels is the ability to share them. Instagram makes it insanely easy to share reels on different platforms. This leads to acquiring more views and circulation of your content on various platforms.

Instagram Is Popular

Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform, with celebrities using their accounts to share information. As of 2022, there are over 1.3 billion Instagram users worldwide. The average man spends about 53 minutes per day on Instagram, with a minimum of 30 minutes. 


Instagram reels are the new generation of entertainment. With the improvement and enhancement of smartphones, people all over the world have access to good-quality cameras that make content creation easier. With Instagram’s parent company Meta’s new virtual reality route, many upgrades can be expected in the coming years. 


1. How to boost Instagram reels engagement?

There are many ways to boost the Instagram reel. You can follow some of the valuable tips given in this article.

2. How to increase likes on Instagram reels?

The more engaging your Instagram reel is, the more likes you will get. Follow the pro tips given in the article to attract more views and likes.

Role of E-Commerce Product Page Videos


What can help increase the conversions on your e-commerce website? What is one of the easiest ways to boost online sales? It’s getting a product video! Product videos give a brief explanation of a product along with all the functions and features available. This educates customers about the product and prompts them to make a decision faster, saving a lot of time, money, and energy. Research says that 73% of online consumers are willing to buy a product after watching a product video describing the product and its functions. It also says that 58% of the customer’s trust companies with product videos and 44% of them would be willing to make a purchase if the e-commerce website had product videos. Let’s see the benefits of eCommerce product videos.

Why Are Product Videos Important In E-commerce?

Just buying a product based on trust is not something everyone can stomach. Customers usually believe what they see, and they buy what they believe in. To solve this dilemma, product videos can be an important asset. E commerce product videos can help consumers by educating them about the product and giving them insights into its features and uses. This helps clear up customer confusion, making them buy the product instantly.

The customer experience will be drastically enhanced with product videos, as customers will now know what a product does without having to read lengthy explanations. Brands usually capture videos from various angles with the help of professionals to showcase their products in an appealing and attractive manner that gives customers a complete explanation of the product along with its advantages in one simple, short video.

Advantages of Product Videos

There are many advantages to having a product video on your e-commerce website. Here are a few:

Engagement And Brand Awareness

People prefer to watch videos instead of reading because a lot of information can be conveyed about your product in a short video than the long pages of text. This is why product video ads are so successful when compared to other forms of ads. The videos have amazing graphics and product illustrations that keep the customer engaged and increase your brand awareness a lot when compared to other forms of ads.

Increased Brand Value

The product videos are very easy to share among people. Posting your product video ads on social media platforms will help you easily attract a lot of people to your brand. Since product ads create more customer engagement and can reach a lot of people in a short amount of time creating more brand awareness, it automatically increases the brand value to a greater degree.

Higher Conversion Rate

Since product video ads increase your brand value by creating more customer engagement, it increases the customer’s trust in your product. Therefore, more people tend to choose your product when they see it available on an e-commerce website or in the market. This is the reason why product video ads are capable of creating higher conversion rates among customers.

Why E-Commerce Product Videos Are Important?

Product video plays are very important in e-commerce. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • With the help of the e commerce product videos, customer will have all the knowledge needed to make an informed purchase and all the features of a product can be displayed on the website in an appealing manner.
  • Increases sales and conversion rates as a video has more appeal than the images of the products. The best part is, creating a product video is way less expensive than advertising and is much more cost-effective.
  • Attractive product videos will pull in reviewers to try the product and the eventual spread of awareness about your product which in turn will increase the engagement with the customers. Product videos are often easy to share on social media platforms.
  • A well optimized product video can also help products to rank organically on different search engines also product videos can easily increase the brand value of a company by having it linked with exciting storytelling methods.
  • These videos can also act as lead generators with massive potential. It is much easier and cheaper to spread awareness of a product with a product video on various social platforms than advertising in newspapers and TV.
  • Lastly, product videos help build trust between the brand and the customer. This increases brand loyalty amongst the customers.

Tips To Get The Best Out Of Product Videos

Making a product video is not an easy task. A little mistake can get your product into a whole lot of trouble. This task requires a lot of knowledge in editing, a ton of research, and a product that is actually good. Here are some tips that can help you with this.

Content Is Always The King

No matter what product you have, you must make sure that you have relevant, good-quality content prepared. People will only be attracted to content that has everything right in it. The mistakes found in the content will become the highlight of the video instead of the product.

Know Your Audience

There are two important things one must know before creating a product video. Know your product and know your customer. Research on the users or the customers of your product. Know your product’s market and find out how you can influence this market with your product.

Educate The Customer

Product videos educate the customer about your product and its features. You can explain the capabilities and future possibilities of the product. Remember to not put a sales pitch in the video

Show And Tell

This is an age-old tip. You should not just tell about the product in the video, there must be proper demonstrations of the product along with an explanation about it. You can even show the different collections of the product in the video.

Link To Emotions, Have A Story

Usually, people buy products for their needs. Link this need to the product and weave a sentimental story around it. People connect to stories easily compared to normal videos.

Conversations With Potential Customers

You can also add in conversations with people who are interested in your product and ask their opinion on the subject. This can become an interesting aid to the storytelling part.

Short And Simple Is Always Right

Do not make the video lengthy and boring. Always stick to facts and demonstrations of your product and stay on topic.

Spice It Up With Some Edits And Customize

Editing and customization are important parts of creating a proper eCommerce product video. Special effects, sequences, transitions, and more are also a part of editing that require utmost care. Without customization and editing, there will be a bland and unappealing video of the product. Hence, editing and customization are requirements for all product videos.

Reviews And Unboxing

Have famous reviewers from well-known platforms unbox your product and review it; this is also an interesting way to promote your product. People love to hear what others have to say about a product, and if it is their favorite reviewer, they may even be willing to buy the product.


Product videos are immensely helpful and are an easy source of conversion. In 2022, almost all products will have a product video depicting the product along with its uses and features. With the increase in the number of users using smartphones, product videos are easily accessible and can be viewed by customers from all over the world.

Creating Great In App Mobile Video Ads | Detailed Guide


Globally, there are approximately 5 billion smartphone users and this number is expected to double in the next two years because smartphones are compact, easy to carry, and cost less when compared to laptops and desktops. This is the reason why more people have started using smartphones, especially youngsters, since it is more affordable for them. Therefore, by targeting the mobile audience, you can reach a lot of people in a short amount of time and promote your product with ease. So let us see some of the important tips that will help you create in-app mobile video ads easily.

What Are In-App Mobile Ads?

All the ads that you see when you are using apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google Chrome, third-party video players, photo editing apps, etc… are known as in-app mobile ads.

Conversion Rates For In-App Mobile Video Ads

According to the survey done by Statista, the average conversion rate on Android mobile for in-app mobile video ads is 3%, and for IOS mobile, it is close to 6% for the year 2022, which is higher than other means of advertisement. And this number is expected to increase by a huge margin in the coming years.

Tips To Consider While Creating In-App Mobile Video Ads

Here are some points that you should consider before creating in-app mobile video ads:

Ensure The Video Makes Sense Without Sound

Try to make a video ad that will convey your message even without the sound. Because most social media platforms have the “Auto mute” option so that the users can watch videos, reels, and shorts without sound while scrolling through the platform and they can unmute whenever they want while watching the video. This option is mostly preferred by all users because it gives them an option to use these platforms in the office or while traveling on public transport without disturbing others.

Therefore it is very much essential to create your in-app video ads that will make sense even without the audio. Some of the important tips that can be followed to create a video ad to make sense without sound

  • Use attractive images and offers on your video ads.
  • Do not forget to add subtitles to your video ads.
  • Use good visual effects and transitions for your video ads.
  • Create a title or visuals in such a way that will attract your potential customers in the first few seconds.

Following the above steps will not only help you to create a video ad that makes sense without sound but also makes your potential customers to unmute and watch your video ad completely without skipping.

Short & Simple

In this fast-moving world, people do not have the patience to watch lengthy videos. That is the reason why most people nowadays prefer to watch shorts than videos on Youtube. Hence, it is very important to create your video ad in such as way that can convey a lot of information in a short span of time.

Some of the tips that can you follow are:-

  • Create your video ads with amazing visual effects or scenes that will instantly attract your customers.
  • Convey only your important offers and core idea about your product in a short and impressive manner.
  • Make sure to create a concept and scenes that tempts your customer to visit your website and know more about your product.

Branding via Logo

The important reason for advertising is to create awareness about your product among people. And this cannot be achieved without branding your logo. Because people remember your products better when it comes to market only through your company’s logo. Therefore it is very important to give priority to branding your logo while creating your video ads.

  • Make sure your brand logo is clearly visible on your video ads.
  • If you are creating a new logo for your brand, then make sure the logo is easy to remember.
  • Make sure the brand logo is relevant that represents your product name and quality better while creating the new logo.

Branding the logo of your product creates trust among the people about your products. Therefore, follow the above steps while creating or branding your logo on your video ads to boost your brand value.

Add Clear CTA’S

CTA is the short form for “call to action.” A “call to action” is an option or button that allows the customers or viewers to visit your website to buy your product. Example: Click here to “Know more,” “Apply now,” “Buy now,” etc. Hence, adding the CTA option is crucial if you want to make conversions using your ads. Here are some points that you should remember before adding a CTA button:

  • Your “Call to action” option must be clearly visible to customers or viewers in your video ads
  • Your CTA must be highlighted with contrasting colors to catch the viewer’s eye at the first glance
  • Make sure the CTA button is big enough to be noticed but not too big since it may affect the quality of your ad
  • Choose the proper color for your CTA button based on the background color
  • Do proper testing to ensure that the CTA option works properly before publishing your video ad

In Tune With The Landing Page/App

This is the last but most important factor that you should keep in mind before publishing any in-app mobile ads. Optimizing your in-app video ads for the various apps and pages on the mobile device is critical because if your ads are not properly optimized, viewers or customers will not be able to see your ads clearly. Some of the defects that optimized ads cause are

  • Pixel breaks and distorted images of your video ads
  • Viewers feel difficult to understand the context of the ads
  • Viewers cannot see or read the text and other details on the video ads properly since it is distorted
  • Unoptimized ads result in the degradation of the quality of your video ad, which leads to a poor user experience and a loss of trust in your brand

Therefore, always optimize your ads for different landing pages and apps as well as do proper testing and previewing before publishing your ads.


These are some of the tips and steps that are very helpful for you to create amazing in-app mobile video ads. Hence, take your time and follow the steps provided in this article. And soon, you will have your own in-app mobile video ad that will yield good results.


1. What is in-app mobile video advertising?

In-app mobile video advertising is a great way to reach and engage a targeted audience on mobile platforms. In-app advertisements are one of the most powerful marketing strategies for driving conversions from mobile app users. 

2. Why should I use mobile video ads?

Research shows that mobile videos drive better engagement and have a 3x higher CTR than normal in-app mobile ads.

How To Select Right Thumbnail For a YouTube Video?


Ever wondered why you are not getting enough views even after creating an amazing YouTube video? Do you feel like your efforts aren’t paying off despite the fact that you’ve been working on the YouTube video for hours, days, or even weeks? If you have these questions troubling your thoughts, you are not alone. Selecting YouTube thumbnails is not that difficult if you follow the proper method.

Before going forward, sit back and relax. Now think from the viewer’s point of view and ask yourself this question. “Why should the viewer click on your video when there are a lot of other videos available on the YouTube platform?” When there are nearly 800 million videos on YouTube, how will you make a viewer click and see your video? Well, the answer is really simple, you just have to attract your viewer to click on your YouTube video by creating a good thumbnail. So, let us see some of the important tips and best practices that you can follow to create an amazing thumbnail for your YouTube video.

What Is A YouTube Video Thumbnail?

The Thumbnail is nothing but a cover image that appears on your video. This helps the viewers to easily understand what the video is about without clicking and watching the video. 

Tips For Selecting The Right YouTube Thumbnail

Here are some important points to keep in mind while selecting the YouTube thumbnail image.

Catchy Title

This is the first step in creating an attractive thumbnail. Choosing a catchy title is very important because viewers click your videos to watch only after reading the video title. So, if your title is dull and vague no matter how good your video is, most people will not click on your video to watch it. Therefore, create a catchy title that tempts the viewers to watch your videos. Here is one example for you:

Dull title – How to do coding?

Catchy title – Easy ways to do coding in 2022.

Choosing The Right Image

Selecting the right image for your thumbnail is as important as choosing a title. Because the only thing which will make your video stand out among hundreds of other videos is by creating an amazing thumbnail image that pulls your viewers’ eyes toward your YouTube video. 

A good thumbnail image creates a first impression on the viewers that makes them stop and read the title of your YouTube video. 

  • Choose an image that best represents the content of your video. 
  • Capture the image of the most interesting frame of your video to make it CTR friendly.
  • After selecting the image of the thumbnail, add the title and then edit the whole thumbnail in such a way that it conveys more information about your video to the viewers.

Choosing The Right Font & Size

Not only do the words convey meaning but also the fonts used to write those words. Because different font styles tend to give different feelings to the reader’s eye. Therefore choosing the right font and size for the words boosts the visibility of your thumbnail. 

  • Choose the font style that adds flavor and feel to your title.
  • Beware of the spacing between the letters, because bad spacing affects the viewer’s ability to read your title. Hence choose a font style that does not affect the spacing of the letters.
  • Do not overdo it when choosing the font style of your title. Avoid font styles that make your title difficult to read. 
  • Feel free to explore different font styles so that you can choose the best one for your title on the thumbnail.

Choosing The Right Color

Selecting the right color for editing your thumbnail is very important because colors directly affect the mood of the viewers. Some colors like light blue and green give a relaxing feeling while colors like red and bright yellow induce excitement. Colors like White, Black, and Grey give neutrality to the image. But always avoid colors that contradict each other. 

Optimizing Your Thumbnail For Different Devices

People use the YouTube platform on different devices like laptops, desktops, Tablets, mobiles, etc… Hence, adjusting and optimizing your video thumbnail to fit perfectly for different devices is very important. Although the YouTube algorithm automatically does this optimization, take extra care and check the preview to see how your thumbnail looks on different devices before publishing. 

Avoid Irrelevant Thumbnails

One of the unfair means that some YouTubers use to get viewers to watch their videos is by using irrelevant thumbnails. Sadly, this trend is becoming more common nowadays. Although clickbait-style thumbnails can get a lot of views for a video in a short time, it also makes the viewers lose trust in that particular channel.

  • Never use misleading thumbnails for your YouTube video as it makes the viewers lose trust in your channel.
  • Most of the viewers will not subscribe to the YouTube channel that uses irrelevant thumbnails. Hence, these kinds of thumbnails will negatively impact the growth of any YouTube channel in the long run. Therefore, always be genuine to your viewers about your content.


1. Why is selecting the right YouTube thumbnail important?

Correct and appealing thumbnails help to increase CTR, which directly leads to channel growth. 

2. What is the correct YouTube (yt) thumbnail size?

Your thumbnail image should be optimized for 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. The minimum width for the thumbnail image should be 640 pixels. It should also follow an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Chrome Screen Recorder With Audio


Screen recording on Chrome is a bit difficult using its in-built recording features. Flonnect is a straightforward and easy-to-use screen recording tool with a clean user interface. This Chrome screen recorder can record both the screen and the camera at the same time. It records all videos in high definition with crystal-clear audio.

How To Use Chrome Screen Recorder Extension?

Here is the step by step guide to install and use Chromebook screen recorder extension.

  • Install the flonnect extension from the download button given below, or get it from the Chrome web store.
  • Click the extension icon to enable it, or you can also pin it for quick access.
  • After enabling the extension, you will get three options.
  • Select any one-screen recording layout according to your requirements.
  • Select any audio recording option according to your requirements
  • Click the Start Recording option.
  • Once you have finished screen recording, click on the Stop Recording option.
  • Now click on the Download option and save the recording to your system.

Benefits Of Chrome Screen Recording

The Chromebook screen recorder extension can be used for various applications like:

Online Class Recording for Students

This tool is very useful for all students and teachers as well. In a Google Meet or Zoom classroom students can Record their lectures for future reference. Even Teachers can Keep track of what he/she done with or what he had to make his student understand.

Preparing For The Interview

One can Practice for an online interview using this Screen record tool because it enables you to record both your webcam as well as your audio. Prepare now more and more so that you will get habitual of speaking confidently.

How To Record YouTube Live Video With Chrome Screen Recorder?

If you’re watching a live stream of your favorite youtuber on YouTube with the help of Chromebook and want to preserve some memorable moments, this extension will come in handy. Here is the complete guide to record YouTube live videos.

  • After installing the extension, go to the YouTube live stream of your favorite YouTuber
  • Click on the Screen & Webcam Recorder extension icon to enable it
  • Now choose the Screen Recording from Screen option
  • Choose audio recording option
  • Hit the Start Recording option
  • Once you have finished recording the YouTube live stream, click on the Stop Recording.
  • Now just click on the Download option and save the YouTube live stream video to your desktop or laptop
  • Users can also edit the video after finishing the screen recording


Screen recording on Chrome was a very difficult task earlier, but now with the help of this Chrome Extension, you can easily record any of your favorite videos just with a single click. You can even record your lectures, which you can revise during your examinations. So if you are a student who doesn’t like making notes, this will be the best extension for you. Download it now and start your recording now.


1. What is a Chrome screen recorder?

Chrome screen recording tool helps users to record their PC screen with audio on the Google Chrome browser.

2. Why is Flonnect the best screen recording tool for Chrome?

Chrome screen recording tool helps users record their PC screen with audio on the Google Chrome browser.

How To Record YouTube Live Stream


In recent years, YouTube live video streaming has reached a pinnacle of popularity. YouTube Live allows users to broadcast an event, teach a class, or conduct a workshop. While these amazing moments are only on your screen for a short time, you may be wondering how to easily record a YouTube live stream. With the flonnect screen recorder, you can simply save any YouTube live stream video with crystal clear audio and HD quality video. Here in this blog you will learn about how you can easily record YouTube live stream videos using the Screen Record tool.

Recording YouTube Live Stream With Flonnect Screen Recorder?

Screen recording YouTube live stream will come in handy if you’re watching a live broadcast of your favorite youtuber on YouTube and want to record some unforgettable moments. Here is the step by step guide to screen record YouTube live stream with Screen recorder extension.

  • Install the flonnect from the download button given below or install it from the Chrome web store
  • You can Pin the screen recorder extension for quick access
  • Now click on extension icon to enable it
  • Now click on Screen Recording option to start recording YouTube live stream
  • Select the desired audio option
  • Click on Stop Recording option & save the recording

How To Download YouTube Live Stream Video?

After your recording is done, you will definitely worry about whether it gets saved or not. You don’t need to worry because Flonnect enables users to easily download the recorded videos.

How To Record And Download YouTube Live Streaming Video On Phone?

You can easily record YouTube video on your phone using inbuilt screen recorder, Here is the guide.

  • Locate the screen recording option in toggle bar.
  • Make sure your microphone is turned on.
  • After 3 seconds, click the Screen Recording option, and the recording will begin.
  • You’ll find the recorded video in audio/video folder, where you can edit the video.

Some Apps That You Can Use For Screen Recording On Your Phone

Unlimited screen Recorder

With Unlimited Screen Record, you may record any content from your phone for an unlimited amount of time and choose the number of frames per second you want.

Other options include recording resolution and recording orientation (horizontal or vertical). Unlimited Screen Record also includes common functions like an audio recorder and an external gallery.

AZ screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a well-known Android screen recorder. It’s likely that you’ve previously heard about it. AZ Screen Recorder has a variety of options and functions for recording the screen of your phone. The commonalities include a resolution range of 240p to 1080p, a bit rate range of 1 Mbps to 12 Mbps, a frame rate range of 20 FPS to 60 FPS, the ability to record external and internal audio, touches, and a 60-second countdown.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder, like most screen recording apps, has a slew of useful features that make it a worthwhile screen recording software for Android smartphone users. You can choose any resolution from 240p to 1080p, bit rate from 0.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps, and frame rate from 5 to 60 frames per second with this programme. Optional features such as a video editor, touch recording, countdown, and face cam may not come as a surprise.

YouTube Recorder For PC With Clear Audio


Flonnect YouTube recorder for PC eliminates the need for a YouTube video downloader. With the flonnect extension, users can now effortlessly record YouTube videos on their PC without any watermark or time limit. Flonnect users don’t need to download the whole YouTube video, and they can save any specific part of the video on the system vey easily. Add this extension now and start saving your time as well as storage.

How To Use Flonnect YouTube Recorder?

  • Download the flonnect from the download button given below or install it from the Chrome web store
  • Open any YouTube video
  • Click on the extension icon to enable it and choose the option that best suits your needs
  • Select the right tab with YouTube screen which you want to record, enable audio recording, then hit the record button
  • Stop the recording and save the screen recording to your laptop or PC.

Recording Live Stream On PC With YouTube Recorder

Imagine you are watching your favorite youtuber live on YouTube and want to capture some great moments, there also this extension proves to be a great friend of yours. You may also record YouTube live streaming with different software but if you want to record YouTube live stream with a single click and without downloading any heavy software then Screen & Webcam recorder is one of the best options. This Chrome extension allows you to effortlessly record all of your YouTube live and other movies on your computer.

  • Install and open the Screen record extension.
  • Start the YouTube live stream.
  • Click on the flonnect icon to enable it and hit start.
  • If you’re recording streaming video, you’ll almost certainly want to record the audio as well. Make sure that you also enable audio recording option
  • Hit start recording
  • After complete recording click stop and save your video.

Recording YouTube Video On Phone

There are some great apps available if you want to record YouTube video on mobile.

DU  Recorder

It’s a high-quality, dependable, and free screen recorder that produces incredibly smooth and stunning video recordings. This software is well-known for its several qualities, such as the fact that it does not require rooting to record, that it is a high-quality video recorder, and that it properly records the screen. This technology can be used to capture live shows, video calls, and games, among other things.


  • Users can take use of the customizable parameters to produce high-quality output.
  • Record both the screen and the webcam at the same time.
  • Recording options are simple, and video calls can be recorded.
  • High-quality video editing tools built-in

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Beginners appreciate this screen recorder programme because of its simple user interface and convenient recording options. This powerful application allows users to simply capture, record, and edit video, and the best part is that it is available for free, with all of its amazing capabilities. Users can also remove watermarks from their videos.


  • It’s considered one of the greatest recording programmes for gamers.
  • Mobizon is a completely free application.
  • The video resolution is quite good.

Ultimate Screen Recorder

Here’s a completely free mobile recording software tool that makes the recording process a lot easier and more enjoyable. It offers a limitless movie length, so if your device has a large storage capacity, you can perform wonders. SD cards can also be used to store videos.


  • This programme is completely free.
  • Allows you to record videos indefinitely.
  • Watermarks should not be used.


What is flonnect YouTube Recorder?

Flonnect screen recorder can record anything from your screen as well as from your camera with clear sound. It can also record YouTube videos in full HD quality. 

2. Is this YouTube video recorder free to use?

Yes. Flonnect is completely free to use, without any time limit or watermark. You only need to upgrade to the Pro plan if you require premium features.