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Why Instagram Reels Are Best In Getting Engagement?


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Which social media platform is commonly used by celebrities to post images and videos? Which is the place where 90-second videos will lead you into an entertaining rabbit-hole. It’s Instagram! This social media platform is so popular that its name is now a verb.Most of the short videos on the internet are usually sourced from Instagram. So what are these short videos? These short videos are called “Reels” and are scientifically calculated to capture a user’s attention for a long time with a series of 1-minute videos flowing in continuously. Since the videos are not lengthy, people usually tend to watch the whole video leading to greater engagement from users. In this article, you can explore the many different ways to boost Instagram reels engagement from your audience and enhance your reels to attract more views.

Why Are Instagram Reels the Best Way to Increase Audience Engagement? 

Ever wondered why time flies especially when we are watching Instagram reels? We would have spent hours and hours, yet we would still feel that only a few minutes have passed. Yes, that is the power of Instagram reels. So, let us see the secret behind the power of reels on Instagram that keeps people engaged for hours.

More Content In Less Time

In this fast-moving world, everyone wants to enjoy everything within a short period without spending much time. This is the reason why people prefer fast foods over healthy foods. Hence, just like fast food, Instagram reels offer the user a variety of content in less than 90 seconds. 

The Average Time Spent Is Longer Than On Other Platforms 

The average person spends a minimum of 30 minutes per day on Instagram, which is more than any other social media platform, according to the survey.

Creative Content

Since the reels are only 90 seconds long, the content creators have adapted to this trend and have created content that is impressive as well as attractive. Hence, creators were able to deliver a lot of amazing content to their users within a short period of time. 

Addictive Nature

Availability of amazing content within 90 seconds has made Instagram reels so engaging and addictive to people.

What Type of Reels Get More Engagement On Instagram?

Instagram is all about content. If you want to grow on this social media platform, you will need content that is unique and interesting. Viewers look for value in your content. You have to produce content that can get a viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds to acquire more views and followers. The most popular genre of reels that have gone viral includes comedy and informative or factual videos.

Majorly, it also depends on the niche you specialise in. You will need to explore and research on the best possible methods of acquiring and producing content that can bring the best performance on the platform. The content shouldn’t just be filled with information, it should also have aspects that grab the interest of the users. Make sure to keep the content short and compact without overloading it with information.

Implementing ideas that have already seen success on the platform is also one of the best-known working concepts. This method is effective as it has already proven that the algorithm of the platform has accepted and boosted the content, which may lead to the same result with your content.

How To Boost Instagram Reels Engagement?

Instagram is one of the greatest platforms to spread awareness and share amazing content. So, the big question is, how to get viewers to engage with your content? Here are some tips that may help in your endeavor.

Use Creative Effects, Edits, and Transitions

Creative filters, effects, and edits are the soul of Instagram reels. Captions can also be a major help in this. Instagram videos need to be attractive and must grab the attention of the viewer. This is best done with edits, filters, and effects.

Keep Track of The Beginning

The secret to attracting viewers is to make the first 10 seconds super attractive. They price their time against your content. The average attention span of a person in 2022 is 8 seconds. Thats even less than a goldfish. The perfect content with the best taglines can make it easier. With some proper sequencing, transitions, and editing you can get the perfect video that has viral potential.

Avoid Low-Quality Videos

Low quality videos usually earn you an instant swipe. Getting a good-quality camera to record videos can fix this issue. Even phones with a good camera can do the trick. Remember, Quality can get you quantity.

Don’t Rip Off Content

No doubt, there are a ton of good videos out there, but most of them usually have a watermark. Don’t use videos or part of videos in yours. Instagram videos usually go viral if they contain interesting and unique content. 

Use Instagram Inbuilt Editor

There are many known editors and filters for editing and modifying videos for Instagram. The best editor is the one that is completely compatible with Instagram. Well, which is more better than the editor in-built into Instagram? The in-built editor in Instagram has all the effects, transitions, and editing tools optimised just for Instagram, making it easier and more convenient to use.

Follow the Trends

There are many things going on and staying up to date with the trends is one of the most important things for Instagram content creators. Trends attract people’s curiosity and curiosity is the main targeted feature of this platform. Keep tabs on trending topics and create content related to it.

Be a Regular!

To have viewers coming back to you and follow your account, you’ll need to be regular on your updates. Posting videos and pictures on your niche every day will lead to having frequent visitors to your videos earning you views. Having a consistent schedule on your uploads is a good habit to receive regular engagement.

Consider The Overall Experience 

Recently, there has been a survey conducted by Instagram using data from its users about Reels. Instagram Reels which are repurposed or uploaded from sources outside of Instagram or those videos which have watermarks from other apps were unappealing and distracting leading to a bad user experience. Always make sure to have non-offensive content for more engagement. The comment section of the post can be of utmost importance for this.

Key Features Of Instagram Reels 

Instagram Reels are videos with a 90-second time limit. As the human concentration span keeps on decreasing, long videos tend to be ignored. The 1 minute to 90-second videos continuously overflows leading you into an infinite rabbit hole. There are many reasons that Instagram Reels are popular. Some of them are listed below.

Less Time Consuming

Since videos are short and are up to 90 seconds, they consume way less time compared to your standard videos. This helps capture the attention of viewers as they subconsciously refuse to spend more time on videos.

Easy To Share and Engage With Audiences

The major feature of Instagram reels is the ability to share them. Instagram makes it insanely easy to share reels on different platforms. This leads to acquiring more views and circulation of your content on various platforms.

Instagram Is Popular

Instagram is currently the most popular social media platform, with celebrities using their accounts to share information. As of 2022, there are over 1.3 billion Instagram users worldwide. The average man spends about 53 minutes per day on Instagram, with a minimum of 30 minutes. 


Instagram reels are the new generation of entertainment. With the improvement and enhancement of smartphones, people all over the world have access to good-quality cameras that make content creation easier. With Instagram’s parent company Meta’s new virtual reality route, many upgrades can be expected in the coming years. 


1. How to boost Instagram reels engagement?

There are many ways to boost the Instagram reel. You can follow some of the valuable tips given in this article.

2. How to increase likes on Instagram reels?

The more engaging your Instagram reel is, the more likes you will get. Follow the pro tips given in the article to attract more views and likes.

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