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Tips and Strategies for Getting Customer Video Testimonials

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A customer testimonial video is a short video of a customer praising a product or service by sharing their positive experience, usually in the form of an endorsement or recommendation. These videos are often used by businesses as a form of marketing to show potential customers that their products or services are reliable and have been positively received by others. Testimonial videos can be used in various mediums, such as on the company’s website, on social media platforms, or even in commercials. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting perfect customer testimonial videos.

The Benefits of Getting Customer Testimonial Videos 

There are several advantages to recording customer testimonial videos, including:

Building Trust and Credibility

When choosing a brand or a product, humans intellectually tend to trust other human beings who are actively using or have used the said product or brand. This is where customer testimonial videos come into play. With real customers explaining their experience with the brand and its product, naturally, brand trust and credibility increase.

Showcasing Social Proof

Another psychology-induced marketing strategy is social proofing by showing potential customers the love your active customers have for your brand name and its products. The customer Testimonial video tackles this strategy as well. This is more or less like showcasing a stamp of approval.

Enhancing SEO

In the internet era with the cheap availability of data packs, video content is more likely to be shared than advertisement posters ever could. Customer testimonial video thus enhances SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Personalizing Your Brand

With the testimonial video, you can show how different your brand or products are compared to your competitors. You can display the brand’s value, and personalize your brand to be unique, intriguing, and inviting with this type of marketing strategy.

Making It Easy To Share

Video content is more likely to get shared on the internet and also is more likely to be viewed by potential customers who are looking into your brand. Rather than you advertising your brand’s strength and uniqueness, recording a customer testimonial video and publishing it will be more effective.

Cost Effective

Making an advertisement video is not easy. It doesn’t come cheap. Depending on the type of video you are going for you would have to spend for actors, animation, sets, and a lot more expenses. Go for a customer testimonial video and you got all those expenses cut out for you

How To Get Video Testimonials From Customers?

There are several ways to get video testimonials from customers, including:

  1. Ask for them: Reach out to satisfied customers and ask if they would be willing to provide a video testimonial.
  2. Offer an incentive: Some customers may be more willing to provide a testimonial if they are offered an incentive, such as a discount or a free product.
  3. Make it easy: Provide customers with a script or a list of questions to help guide their testimonial. Make sure the filming process is as simple as possible.
  4. Provide equipment: If necessary, provide customers with the equipment they need to film their testimonial, such as a smartphone or a camera.
  5. Follow up: Follow up with customers who have agreed to provide a testimonial to ensure that they are still willing and able to do so.
  6. Use a professional: Hire a professional videographer to shoot the testimonials with proper lighting, sound and professional equipment. This will make the video look more polished and professional.
  7. Use a release form: Have customers sign a release form allowing you to use their video testimonial for marketing purposes.

Tips for Getting Outstanding Customer Testimonial Videos

If you are looking to learn more about recording customer testimonial videos keep on reading as we got some important helpful tips for your convenience.

Prepare Your Questions

The first step in any work situation is preparation. Prepare your questions. Start with simple questions and as you get more into the video, ask about their experience with the product, how and when they use it, how did it help them, and more.

Make It Personal

Personalize the video. You can prepare some personal questions to ask. This makes the potential customer who watches the video identify and believe that the person in the video is not an actor and is a real customer.

Use the Right Equipment

The backbone of any video content is the right equipment. It doesn’t have to be the best in the business, a lot of budget-friendly options are more than capable of delivering high-quality video content.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Keep your customer testimonial video short and right to the point to keep the video interesting. Too long and you lose the customer’s attention, too short and the viewer impact wouldn’t be that impressionable.

Add Background Music

Add appropriate background music that supports what the testimonial video is trying to convey. Don’t use popular music that diverts the viewer’s attention from the video’s essential message unless necessary.

Edit and Add Captions

After finishing your video recording, and adding suitable background music, it is now the editing phase. Edit your recorded video to give it a professional flavor and consistent flow. Add professional transitions and captions, to make it more informative.

Use It In Multiple Platforms

Don’t stick to a traditional or a single platform to showcase your customer testimonial video. Use modern opportunities and multiple platforms to promote your recorded testimonial video. The Internet is ever-growing, use it to your advantage.

It’s important to remember to be respectful of the customer’s time and to make the process as easy as possible for them. And also make sure the video is in line with the company’s policies and legal compliance.


Customer testimonial videos create essential trust and credibility for your brand and its products/services. Use it to your advantage as a marketing strategy to grow your brand in popularity. Use the tips mentioned above along with Flonnect to create high-quality surreal customer testimonial videos.


1. Which is the best customer testimonial screen recorder?

Flonnect can be considered one of the best customer testimonial screen recorders. It is available for free.

2. What should be the maximum duration for customer testimonial videos?

The maximum duration of a customer testimonial video must be 2 minutes or up to 3 minutes long, but not more than that.

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