How to Make Reaction Videos using Flonnect Screen Recorder

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How to Make Reaction Videos using Flonnect Screen Recorder

Reaction Videos are the new buzz on the internet. Platforms like Youtube and Instagram are filled with such reaction videos. Reaction videos have the ability to generate insane traffic, and establish a more interactive relationship with the audience.  They can be entertaining as well as informative. 

Are you still unsure what reaction videos are?

Let us simplify it for you. Usually, a reaction video is based on a video that a creator watches, like a TV show or a movie. Whenever they watch something, they are constantly commenting, praising, or mocking it. This is called a reaction video. Got it?

However, the real question is how to make such reaction videos. Let’s dig deeper into that. With Flonnect Chrome screen recording extension you’ll be able to record reaction videos with utmost ease.

Reaction video maker- Flonnect

Flonnect is a screen recording tool, and trust us, it is the only tool you need to create reaction videos. Their is a wide range of services you can avail from Flonnect, like:

  • Unlimited Screen recording
  • Link generation
  • Unlimited Offline downloads
  • Video Storage
  • Summarizer
  • Transcript

These are just a few, there are way more fascinating services Flonnect is soon coming up with. So make sure that you stay tuned. Well, making reaction videos using Flonnect and its incredibly simple user interface. Let’s see how!

How to Make Reaction Videos?

First step is to select the video you want to make a reaction video on. The more raw and unfiltered your reaction is, the better.

Then, just download the chrome extension of Flonnect. It’s completely free. Now, open it. You will find three options – “Screen recording”, “Camera Recording” and “Screen+Camera Recording”. For reaction videos, the most preferred mode is the “Screen+Camera Recording” option. Now all you have to do is start recording. While playing the video, make sure that the “Mic+System audio” option is enabled, so that Flonnect can detect audio as well.

That’s it, react to your video, and then just either generate a shareable link of it, or download it. 

How to Make Reaction Videos for Youtube?

Youtube is filled with reaction videos. People love seeing genuine and fun reaction videos of people. If you are thinking of making a reaction video for youtube, you are absolutely on the right blog. Now believe us when we say it can become one of the easiest kinds of video to make, if you do it with flonnect! Flonnect is designed in such a way that it provides the easiest solutions to its users for different kinds of visual communication. 

So all you have to do is, finalize your video, TV show, etc, and download Flonnect’s chrome extension. Everything else is child’s play. Start screen recording, enable the audio, and after you are done with giving your reaction on the video, just generate an exportable link from flonnect or download the video. That’s all, now hit the post button on youtube and enjoy the views and comments!


How do you make a reaction video without showing your face?

One of the simplest ways of making a reaction video without showing your face is to screen record only while keeping the audio on. You simply have to choose the Screen Recording option and enable the Audio, and then you are good to go. Just keep commentating while your video plays and there you have your Reaction video without showing your face. You can either generate a shareable link of it or can download it.

How to make reaction videos on Windows 10?

You don’t have to think much in this case. Just download the chrome extension of Flonnect and open it. Post that, it’s all simple – play the video you want to give reaction on, make sure that the Audio is enabled, and there you go! Generate a sharable video link  or download the video.

What app can make reaction videos on PC?

Flonnect is the best tool out there to make reaction videos on PC. Its free version allows you unlimited screen recordings and offline downloads. Moreover, it also gives you video editing tools. So flonnect is a full package deal!


There are several kinds of reaction videos out there, like- commentary reaction video, emotional reaction video, review reaction video, Collaborative reaction video, etc. The list goes on, but do you know the best part?

The best part is that there is one single tool out there that can make all kinds of reaction videos, that too in the simplest way possible. It is a user-friendly extension with the primary aim to make visual communication easier. So, next time you want to make any kind of reaction video, Flonnect should be your first pick!

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