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Creating Great In App Mobile Video Ads | Detailed Guide


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Globally, there are approximately 5 billion smartphone users and this number is expected to double in the next two years because smartphones are compact, easy to carry, and cost less when compared to laptops and desktops. This is the reason why more people have started using smartphones, especially youngsters, since it is more affordable for them. Therefore, by targeting the mobile audience, you can reach a lot of people in a short amount of time and promote your product with ease. So let us see some of the important tips that will help you create in-app mobile video ads easily.

What Are In-App Mobile Ads?

All the ads that you see when you are using apps like Instagram, Facebook, Google Chrome, third-party video players, photo editing apps, etc… are known as in-app mobile ads.

Conversion Rates For In-App Mobile Video Ads

According to the survey done by Statista, the average conversion rate on Android mobile for in-app mobile video ads is 3%, and for IOS mobile, it is close to 6% for the year 2022, which is higher than other means of advertisement. And this number is expected to increase by a huge margin in the coming years.

Tips To Consider While Creating In-App Mobile Video Ads

Here are some points that you should consider before creating in-app mobile video ads:

Ensure The Video Makes Sense Without Sound

Try to make a video ad that will convey your message even without the sound. Because most social media platforms have the “Auto mute” option so that the users can watch videos, reels, and shorts without sound while scrolling through the platform and they can unmute whenever they want while watching the video. This option is mostly preferred by all users because it gives them an option to use these platforms in the office or while traveling on public transport without disturbing others.

Therefore it is very much essential to create your in-app video ads that will make sense even without the audio. Some of the important tips that can be followed to create a video ad to make sense without sound

  • Use attractive images and offers on your video ads.
  • Do not forget to add subtitles to your video ads.
  • Use good visual effects and transitions for your video ads.
  • Create a title or visuals in such a way that will attract your potential customers in the first few seconds.

Following the above steps will not only help you to create a video ad that makes sense without sound but also makes your potential customers to unmute and watch your video ad completely without skipping.

Short & Simple

In this fast-moving world, people do not have the patience to watch lengthy videos. That is the reason why most people nowadays prefer to watch shorts than videos on Youtube. Hence, it is very important to create your video ad in such as way that can convey a lot of information in a short span of time.

Some of the tips that can you follow are:-

  • Create your video ads with amazing visual effects or scenes that will instantly attract your customers.
  • Convey only your important offers and core idea about your product in a short and impressive manner.
  • Make sure to create a concept and scenes that tempts your customer to visit your website and know more about your product.

Branding via Logo

The important reason for advertising is to create awareness about your product among people. And this cannot be achieved without branding your logo. Because people remember your products better when it comes to market only through your company’s logo. Therefore it is very important to give priority to branding your logo while creating your video ads.

  • Make sure your brand logo is clearly visible on your video ads.
  • If you are creating a new logo for your brand, then make sure the logo is easy to remember.
  • Make sure the brand logo is relevant that represents your product name and quality better while creating the new logo.

Branding the logo of your product creates trust among the people about your products. Therefore, follow the above steps while creating or branding your logo on your video ads to boost your brand value.

Add Clear CTA’S

CTA is the short form for “call to action.” A “call to action” is an option or button that allows the customers or viewers to visit your website to buy your product. Example: Click here to “Know more,” “Apply now,” “Buy now,” etc. Hence, adding the CTA option is crucial if you want to make conversions using your ads. Here are some points that you should remember before adding a CTA button:

  • Your “Call to action” option must be clearly visible to customers or viewers in your video ads
  • Your CTA must be highlighted with contrasting colors to catch the viewer’s eye at the first glance
  • Make sure the CTA button is big enough to be noticed but not too big since it may affect the quality of your ad
  • Choose the proper color for your CTA button based on the background color
  • Do proper testing to ensure that the CTA option works properly before publishing your video ad

In Tune With The Landing Page/App

This is the last but most important factor that you should keep in mind before publishing any in-app mobile ads. Optimizing your in-app video ads for the various apps and pages on the mobile device is critical because if your ads are not properly optimized, viewers or customers will not be able to see your ads clearly. Some of the defects that optimized ads cause are

  • Pixel breaks and distorted images of your video ads
  • Viewers feel difficult to understand the context of the ads
  • Viewers cannot see or read the text and other details on the video ads properly since it is distorted
  • Unoptimized ads result in the degradation of the quality of your video ad, which leads to a poor user experience and a loss of trust in your brand

Therefore, always optimize your ads for different landing pages and apps as well as do proper testing and previewing before publishing your ads.


These are some of the tips and steps that are very helpful for you to create amazing in-app mobile video ads. Hence, take your time and follow the steps provided in this article. And soon, you will have your own in-app mobile video ad that will yield good results.


1. What is in-app mobile video advertising?

In-app mobile video advertising is a great way to reach and engage a targeted audience on mobile platforms. In-app advertisements are one of the most powerful marketing strategies for driving conversions from mobile app users. 

2. Why should I use mobile video ads?

Research shows that mobile videos drive better engagement and have a 3x higher CTR than normal in-app mobile ads.

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