Record Presentation with Audio using Flonnect Screen Recorder

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Record Presentation with Audio using Flonnect Screen Recorder

All of us have been there. That urge to record the presentation, when our favourite teacher, expert or business coach tends to share something. Well, there are times when we don’t want to miss excerpts from our favourite creator, the beloved professional or anyone worthy of their time. Recorded presentations also provide easier means of presenting your ideas without having the need to be there yourself when you present it. This is when recording presentations become imperative, and Flonnect Screen Recorder extension offers a simple and efficient way to record presentation with audio. Let’s explore how you can use Flonnect to record your presentations in greater detail.

How to Record a PowerPoint Presentation with Audio using Flonnect

PowerPoint is a widely used presentation software that can benefit greatly from Flonnect’s recording capabilities. Follow these simple steps to record your PowerPoint presentation with audio using Flonnect:

  • Install Flonnect PC Screen Recorder and open it. From the three recording options available, select “Screen Recording.”
  •  Enable the “Mic audio” option to capture any voice-over required. For recording presentation with audio presented by others, you can opt for “System Audio” setting.
  • Select Quality of video recording and click on “Start Recording” option. For system audio to be enabled, make sure you are sharing only the required powerpoint window and not the entire screen.
  • End the recording after completion, and either download the video on your system or click on the “Generate Link” option to share the video without downloading.

How to Record a Presentation on Google Slides using Flonnect

Google Slides is another popular presentation software that can be easily recorded using Flonnect. Follow these simple steps to record your Google Slides presentation using Flonnect:

  • In the Flonnect window, click on “Screen Recording” and select “System Audio” for capturing any audio attached to the presentation. For adding voice-over, please choose the “Mic Audio” feature.
  • Click on “Start Recording” to begin capturing the video from your screen. Ensure that you share only the tab related to Google slide for system audio capturing.
  • Download your video or create a sharable link to share among your colleagues and friends easily.

How to Record a Canva Presentation using Flonnect

Canva is a popular design tool used to create presentations, and Flonnect makes it easy to record your Canva presentation. Follow these simple steps to record your Canva presentation using Flonnect:

  • In the Flonnect window, select “Screen Recording” option for recording presentation. For presentation with face visibility, use “Screen+Camera Recording” Feature.
  • Select “System Audio” for capturing audio accompanying the presentation or select “Mic Audio” for adding your voice-over on the recording.
  • Click Start Recording and your Canva Presentation will be recorded for download or for sharing via link generation feature

How to record Zoom Presentation using Flonnect

Zoom is a great platform to conduct meetings and presentations online. Here are the steps for Zoom presentation recording using Flonnect Screen Recorder:

  • In the Flonnect window, select the “Screen Recording” Option. You can also choose the “Screen+Camera Recording” option if you want to capture zoom presentation with your face visible.
  • Use “System Audio” feature for recording Zoom presentation with audio or “Mic+System Audio” option to record both the presentation audio and voiceover.
  • Click on “Start Recording” button to start recording your Zoom presentation with your desired setting. Create a link to share easily or download offline using Flonnect Screen Recorder.


How to add audio to PowerPoint?

In Flonnect, select the “Mic Audio” setting and click “Start Recording” for capturing voiceover for your presentation recording

How do I record a Google Slide presentation?

You can use Flonnect Screen Recorder Extension for PC to seamlessly record your presentation. You can also use Flonnect’s link generation feature to easily share among your friends without having to download and upload across individual platforms.

How do I make my presentation like a video?

Use Flonnect Screen Recorder to record your presentation with option to add your voiceover. You can also record presentation with audio and your face visible for a more interactive setting.

What is the best software to record yourself presenting a PowerPoint?

While there are many options available for recording PowerPoint presentations, Flonnect stands out as an excellent choice due to its ease of use, functionality, and reliability. Additionally, it offers multiple recording options, including screen recording, camera recording, and camera and screen recording. Overall, Flonnect is a versatile and effective tool for recording presentations.


Screen recording is an important aspect of storing valuable sessions, webinars and classes nowadays — and with modern day screen recorders having the ability to capture audio as well, it becomes more important than ever to choose the right tool or extension to screen record your presentations with relative ease. Use Flonnect Screen Recorder for PC today to record presentation with audio, and you will not require any other screen recorder for all your requirements.

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