YC Application Video Recording using Flonnect Screen Recorder

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If you’re an early-stage startup looking to apply for Y Combinator’s Demo Day, one of the most important elements of your application will be the video pitch. Your video pitch is an opportunity to showcase your product, team, and vision to potential investors, and it can make or break your chances of getting accepted into the program. You can create compelling and easy-to-share YC application video for your startup idea using Flonnect Screen Recorder for PC. It is a simple, yet powerful tool to record videos. Downloading and sharing video via link is also possible with Flonnect. Read more to find out how to record YC application video using Flonnect.

What is Y Combinator?

Y Combinator is a technology company that is focused on helping other startups. It is a startup accelerator company that has supported and helped over 4000 companies. It doesn’t matter if your company hasn’t launched or has been active for a few months or years because no matter what stage your company is, Y Combinator aims to get it in “a dramatically better shape” in 3 months. But it isn’t easy to get Y Combinator’s support, in fact their acceptance rate is around 2% and they get a ton of applications during their funding cycles.

Tips On Recording YC application video

Here are the tips  while recording YC application video:

  • Your video should be 1 minute long and it should be uploaded on YouTube with embedding enabled. Do not mark your video as private. Otherwise your video cannot be viewed. If you don’t want people finding the video, you can mark it as unlisted.
  • Make sure the founder and co founders are all included in the video. The application video should be the founders talking about their business.
  • Use simple easy to understand words so that even people who are not familiar with your industry can understand what you are conveying. 
  • Say NO to special effects, editing or other alterations to the video. Do not add music, SFX/VFX or any effects.
  • Don’t read off of a script or a prompter. It makes your video look too stiff and yc application video requires that founders are all basically having a conversation with the camera. But you can have a basic outline of a script to prevent talking over each other.
  • Recheck your video before submitting. Make sure your audio is clear without distractions and interferences.

How To Use Flonnect To Record YC Application Video?

Record Y Combinator application video in a breeze using our Flonnect extension available for Chrome. Here’s how,

  • Install Flonnect extension 
  • In the Flonnect extension window, select your mode of recording among the 3 options – screen, screen + camera, or camera.
  • Then select your Audio and Video settings including selecting the video format, quality and audio source.
  • Hit the Start Recording button to begin recording your Y Combinator application video. 
  • You can also generate the video link to share it with others


1. What is the YC application process?

The YC application process involves filling out an online application form with information about your startup, team, and vision. The application typically includes questions about your business idea, your target market, your team’s background and experience, and your current traction. After submitting the application, the YC team will review it and may invite you to participate in an interview.

2. What are the Y combinator requirements?

The Y Combinator requirements vary depending on the specific program, but generally, they look for early-stage startups with a strong team, a unique and innovative idea, and the potential for significant growth.

3. How do I apply to YC?

To apply to YC, you will need to fill out an online application on the Y Combinator website. The To apply to YC, you will need to fill out an online application on the Y Combinator website. The application typically requires information about your team, your business idea, your target market, and your current traction.

4. What is the Y combinator deadline?

The Y Combinator application deadlines vary depending on the program, but they generally occur twice a year for the main YC program, in the spring and fall. The exact dates for each application cycle are typically announced a few months in advance, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the YC website or social media channels for updates.

5. What is the Y combinator acceptance rate?

The Y Combinator acceptance rate varies depending on the specific program and application cycle, but it is typically very low. For example, the acceptance rate for the Summer 2021 batch of the main YC program was 1.5%

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