Record Birthday Wishes Video for Your Loved Ones With Flonnect

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No matter the age, birthdays are always meant to be celebrated. Spending the day with your loved one will make both of you realise how much you appreciate each other for being in your life. Shower them with love by recording a special birthday wishes video for them. Birthday wishes videos are videos that you send to people close to you during their birthday, wishing them on the special occasion. These videos have your favourite memories, personal messages, and whatever you deem worthy to be included in the video. Now you can easily record birthday wishes video with the Flonnect Screen Recorder for PC.

Why Birthday Wishes Video are a Great Option?

Birthday wishes videos have become an increasingly popular way to celebrate someone’s special day. Unlike traditional paper cards, birthday wishes video offer a unique and personalized way to send birthday wishes. With the ability to customize and add personal touches, birthday wishes video are a great option for those looking to create a memorable and thoughtful gift for their loved ones. Here are some of the reasons why birthday wishes video is a great option: 

  • Add favourite memories: Attach the most memorable moments that were captured to serve as a reminder of the good memories you both share and the special bond that you have with each other.
  • Easy to make and send: With free editing tools, you can edit and make a compilation of your favourite memories right from your mobile device. You can also use links to share recorded videos directly, without downloading the video.
  • Creates interest: Videos are trending for a reason. Birthday wishes video make people anticipate the contents of the video and make them feel special and convey that you care. It is quick and entertaining to watch.
  • Adds a personal touch: Birthday wishes video have a personal touch with the person you share them with. You can add personal texts and words along with the photos to make it more memorable.

How to record Birthday Wishes Video using Flonnect?

Using the Flonnect Chrome extension, you can record your camera and screen at the same time to make unique video birthday cards for your loved ones. It is beginner-friendly and intuitive. Here’s how to use Flonnect to record birthday wishes video.

  • Install the Flonnect Chrome extension
  • Open up the extension window by clicking on the Flonnect extension icon 
  • Choose between recording your screen, screen, and camera or just your camera.
  • In the Audio and Video setting prompts, choose the setting that seems most reasonable for your recording purposes.
  • Click on Start Recording to begin your recording of a birthday wishes video. 
  • You can also share it with your loved ones using flonnect’s link generation feature.


How do you record a birthday wish video?

Use Flonnect Screen Recorder for PC to record customised birthday wishes video. Download recording to your PC or share it to your loved ones via link generation.

Which software is used to record video for birthday wishes?

Flonnect Screen Recorder is a great tool for creating birthday wishes videos. Just record your video and downlaod it on your PC. You can also use Flonnect’s Premium features such as editing, creating video link for sharing and more.

How do I send birthday wishes automatically on WhatsApp?

Just record your birthday wishes video on Flonnect. Select the Generate Link option to copy paste the link on WhatsApp for quick and hassle-free sharing.

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