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Sending Video Through Email: All The Details That You Need To Know

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In today’s digital age, the average person receives a large number of emails on a daily basis. With so many emails competing for attention, it can be challenging to make an impact and stand out in the inbox. One effective way to grab the recipient’s attention is by sending a video through email, as it makes your message more engaging and memorable.

Advantages of Sending Video In Email 

Using video in email can offer several advantages to the sender, such as increased engagement, better communication of information, and higher conversion rates. It can provide a more personal and interactive experience for the recipient, making it more likely that they will watch and engage with the content. Here are some advantages of sending video through email:

  1. Increased engagement: Video in email can grab the attention of recipients and increase their engagement with the message.
  2. Personalization: Video can be used to personalize the message and make it more engaging.
  3. Increased click-through rates: Video can increase the click-through rate of emails, as recipients are more likely to click on a video than a plain text or image.
  4. Better storytelling: Videos can be used to tell stories and convey messages in a more engaging and impactful way.
  5. Increased conversion rates: Video in emails can increase conversion rates as it provides a more interactive and immersive experience for the recipients.
  6. Better SEO: Video can help improve the SEO of the website by attracting more traffic and engagement, which can ultimately lead to more conversions.
  7. Increased ROI: Video in email can provide a higher return on investment for businesses as it can lead to increased engagement and conversions.
  8. Increased Email Open rates: Video-attached emails are proven to have increased email open rates. In fact, usage of the word “video” results in increased email open rates of 13% from 7%, a whopping 6% increase.
  9. Videos Are Better Than Long Text: Videos are better than long text because they can convey information in a more engaging and easily digestible format. They also allow for more emotional connection and understanding, as viewers can see and hear the message, rather than just reading it.

Sending Video Through Email: Use Cases

The question of “when to use a video email?” is just as important as “Why send video through email?” While the answer to the latter has been answered above, read along to find the answer to the former question.

Conveying Customer Feedback

People trust other people who have used the same product or service. It is always persistent, regardless of your product or brand. Using a video email, you can convey real customer feedback to your potential customers. This type of marketing builds undeniable trust and exudes sincerity and reliability.

Product Demo 

A product demo video will always be more effective in communicating its features and benefits, as it allows for a hands-on and practical demonstration, which is more easily understood than a written description, no matter how clear and simple the language is

For Inviting 

Video invitations sent via email for webinars or gatherings create a more personal and inviting experience for recipients. They are more likely to be engaged and willing to attend an event when they receive a video invitation that provides a brief overview of the event and a clear indication of the host’s desire for their attendance.

How To Email a Personalized Recorded Video Using Flonnect?

Now that you know why to send videos through email and when to do so, let’s look at the easiest way you can send self-recorded videos through email via Flonnect.

Install Flonnect

To use Flonnect to send out videos through email. First, you have to install Flonnect.

Sign In

You can use the Flonnect extension without signing in, but you won’t be able to generate video links for sending videos via email. So sign in to your Flonnect account. Signing up is very easy; it just takes a few minutes.

Record a video & Generate Video Link

Record your video with Flonnect, and after finishing your recording, generate the video link.

Add It To Email 

Add the video link to the email. Don’t forget to mention that the email contains a video link in the subject. It helps with user engagement and email opening rates.

How To Send A Large Video Through Email?

You can use one of these methods for sending large videos through email quickly and easily:

  1. Compress the video file: To reduce the file size of the video, you can use a video compression software such as HandBrake or WinZip. This will make the file smaller and easier to send via email.
  2. Upload the video to a cloud storage service: Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive allow you to upload large files and share them with others via a link. You can then share the link to the video in your email.
  3. Use a file transfer service: Services such as WeTransfer or TransferWise allow you to send large files up to a certain size limit. You can upload your video to these services and share the download link in your email.
  4. Divide the video into smaller parts: If the video is still too large to send in one email, you can divide it into smaller parts and send them separately. Make sure to include instructions on how to reassemble the parts.


1. How do I send a video through email?

To send a video through email, you can attach the video file to your email and send it to the recipient. Alternatively, you can also use a cloud-based file sharing service, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, to share the video and provide a link to the video in the email.

2. What is the best file format to send video through email?

The best file format to send video through email is either MP4 or MOV. These formats are widely supported and can be played on most devices. However, it’s important to check the recipient’s device or email client to ensure that the video format is supported.

3. Which is the best tool or extension for recording personalized videos to send via email?

Flonnect screen recorder is the best extension for recording and sending self-recorded videos through email because it enables users to generate the link for the recorded video for free.

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