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Free Premium Screen Recorder For PC

Flonnect is a premium screen recording tool for PC that enables its users to record their screen and webcam with crystal-clear audio.

Key Features of Flonnect Screen Recording tool For PC

Here are some premium features of screen recorder Chrome Extension

High Quality HD Screen Recording

Flonnect screen and webcam recording tool enables you to record and download screen recordings on your PC in high-definition quality.

Record Screen & Webcam with Clear Audio

With the Flonnect extension, you can record both your camera and screen either separately or together with crystal clear audio quality.

Screen Recorder Without Watermark

There are a lot of screen recorders that don't allow you to download screen recordings without watermarks, but with the Flonnect screen recorder tool, you can freely create and download videos without any kind of watermark.

Screen & Webcam Recording Without Any Time Limit

You don’t have to worry about any time limit with Flonnect screen recorder. You can record as long as you want to.

Convert Video Recording into a Shareable Link

Flonnect enables you to generate a link of the recorded videos. This feature is helpful if you quickly want to share a video without downloading it.

Video Trimming Option

Flonnect screen recorder offers the inbuilt video trimming feature so that you can easily remove unwanted part of videos.

How To Use

Here are some simple steps to help you record your screen in full flow without any lag.


Flonnect is a free premium screen and webcam recorder tool for PC that lets you record and download your screen recordings with clear audio quality.

Yes. The Flonnect screen recorder is free to use, and you can record and download videos without any watermark or time limit. You only need to upgrade to a paid subscription if you need premium features. 

Yes, of course. You can record all the online meetings with the Flonnect screen recorder in high resolution.
Flonnect is a very simple and premium screen recorder that can be used by all age groups easily. But it is most useful, especially for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram content creators, teachers, corporate working professionals, and students.

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