Best Screen Recorder for Ubuntu – Flonnect Screen Recorder

Best Screen Recorder for Ubuntu - Flonnect Screen Recorder

Screen recording is essential that enables individuals to create tutorials, record video calls, and capture gameplay. Ubuntu is a popular operating system that’s widely used in the tech industry due to its advanced features and flexibility. When it comes to screen recording on Ubuntu, there are several options available which cater to a variety of needs for its PC users. However, deciding on the best Ubuntu screen recorder for PC is very important and sometimes it can be a tedious task as each software provides different options and features. Well, we have got you covered! Flonnect Screen Recorder extension makes the screen recording process simple yet effective.

Common Problems Emerging while Screen Recording

  • Wrong custom framerate
  • Recorded videos aren’t smooth
  • No Audio recorded with video
  • Subject goes in and out of focus
  • Sound quality is very poor
  • Too much background noise
  • Your screen is packed with unnecessary things

Now that we know the concerns Ubuntu users face while recording screens on PC, let’s check how we can easily record the screen

For most of your recording needs, Ubuntu comes with a built-in screen recorder option. This proves to be the optimal option, but it doesn’t support audio recording feature which makes the video incomplete.

Flonnect Ubuntu Screen Recorder with Audio

Flonnect Screen Recorder is a Chrome extension that offers a range of features and customization options that will surely help you create high quality screen recordings on Ubuntu. It supports a wide selection of media formats like MP4, MKV, WEBM, and much more. Flonnect Screen Recorder extension is also compatible with different versions of Ubuntu Linux and proves to be the best screen recorder for Linux operating system.

How to use Flonnect Ubuntu Screen Recorder with Audio?

Flonnect makes capturing screens on Ubuntu Linux very easy. Here is a simple 4 step formula to use Flonnect Screen Recorder for PC:

  • Tap on the link and install the Flonnect PC Screen Recorder.
  • Select from any of these 3 recording options – “Screen Recording”, “Camera Recording” or “Record from Camera + Screen”
  • Select the video quality that you would like to capture, enable the record audio option and click on the “Start Recording” button to initiate the recording of your screen. 
  • After completion, end the recording and download the recorded video on your Ubuntu Linux PC, or you can also click on the “Link Generate” Option to share the captured video without downloading it.

So, if you are looking for an advanced software to record the screen on Ubuntu Linux, then we suggest downloading Flonnect, a user-friendly online screen recorder tool.

Screen Recorder for Ubuntu 20.04

Capturing screen audio and video is no longer difficult for Ubuntu 20.04. With a great screen recorder for Ubuntu 20.04 like Flonnect, your tutorials, live streams, and gameplays are sure to give a run for its money. Also, Flonnect can be used as a communication tool to help Ubuntu users save and forward video messages.


Is there any screen recorder for Ubuntu?

Yes, there’s Flonnect, which is the best Ubuntu screen recorder for PC that lets you capture and download your recordings with clear audio quality.

Does Flonnect support all versions of Ubuntu Linux?

Yes, Flonnect extension is compatible to work on all the versions of Ubuntu operating system.

Is Flonnect software Free for Ubuntu?

Yes. Flonnect is free to use on your Ubuntu Linux PC’s, and you can capture screens and download them without any watermark or time limit. However, we do have some premium features which are available only if you upgrade to a paid subscription.

How can I record my Display in Linux for PC?

Recording Display on Linux PC is easy to do using the Flonnect screen recorder tool. It supports capturing of video displays required for tutorials, meetings, and even gameplays.

How do I record my screen and audio in Linux?

It’s possible using the Flonnect screen recorder tool. Flonnect software supports recording of audio along with the video screens.

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