How to Record WebEx Meeting – Flonnect Screen Recorder

How to Record WebEx Meeting - Flonnect Screen Recorder

WebEx is a very useful platform that offers recording videos and shares those with the other participants. However, it has certain limitations as an online meeting platform and video recorder. First of all, it only enables the host, co-host, or presenter to record a video and share it. Secondly, if the host is present, the co-host is not allowed to record a meeting. Thirdly, recording the video on the phone doesn’t allow saving it to the cloud. Fourthly, while playing a video from the camera or sharing it over the screen, it doesn’t finally appear on the recording. Fifthly, only a paid subscriber can save the video on the cloud. Free subscribers can only save it in the local storage of the system. Now, you can easily record WebEx meeting on your PC with the Flonnect Screen Recorder.

WebEx Screen Recorder – Flonnect

Flonnect is a communication tool to save and forward video messages. It is specially used as a link generation, summarizer, creating the playlist, transcript, video storage, and trimming. By adding Flonnect with WebEx it’ll be easy to record and store live video meetings. 

Some of the key features of Flonnect Screen Recorder for WebEx meeting:

  • Unlimited Screen Recording
  • Download video in desired format
  • Link Generation for easy sharing across all platforms
  • Edit video
  • Generate transcript and summary for recorded meetings

Record Meeting in WebEx

WebEx is a very important website to host and record video meetings and virtual events. It comes with the facility to capture and share the video of the meeting by the host. But as a participant, recording video from WebEx is not that easy. But don’t worry this content will discuss alternatives on how to record the video of an online meeting as a participant.

The process of using and connecting Flonnect with WebEx is rather easy. Follow these steps below and do it without any lag:

  • First, install the Flonnect PC screen recorder for Chrome
  • Click on the icon to open it.
  • Three options will pop up on the screen- i) Camera Recording, ii) Screen Recording, & iii) Camera plus Screen Recording.
  • Tap on your favourable option.
  • After clicking you’re enabled for recording the audio option and go to start recording.
  • After recording the video, end the recording option. You can download the recorded video on your PC.
  • Now share the downloaded video or the link to whom you want to share.

How to Record a WebEx Meeting as a Participant

WebEx is designed in such a way that it has a limitation of only giving allowance to the presenter to host a video. As a participant, if you want to download the online meeting, you should go for any third-party app to record it. Flonnect is such a tool that allows the participants to download the video of an online meeting. You can also create WebEx transcription for your recorded videos with Flonnect’s “Generate Transcript” feature on the dashboard. The detailed process of how to use Flonnect is already mentioned above. You can check it out for detailed guidance.


Why can’t I record my Webex meeting?

Being a Participant, it’s a little tricky to record WebEx meetings. It only gives access to the host, co-host, and the presenter. If you can not record your WebEx meeting, you go for a third-party recorder such as Flonnect Screen Recorder.

How to Record a WebEx Meeting with Audio?

You can use Flonnect Screen Recorder extension to record WebEx meeting with audio. In the Flonnect window, select the “System Audio” option to capture meeting along with the audio. Easy, right?

How to record a WebEx meeting in the browser?

Use Flonnect Screen Recorder extension on your browser to record Webex meeting without any additional know-how or knowledge of recorder software.

How to save Webex recordings?

After recording from Flonnect Screen Recorder, you can either download the recorded video on your PC, or you can upload your video on the Flonnect Dashboard and easily manage and organise your recordings on a playlist.

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