Flonnect: Best Screen Recorder Extension


Flonnect screen recorder extension simplifies the recording process while offering a host of powerful features to enhance your videos. With Flonnect, you can effortlessly capture your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously, making it your go-to solution for all your recording needs. 

Capture Your Screen with Ease 

Flonnect makes screen recording a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can record your entire screen or select specific areas to capture. Whether it’s for work, education, or personal use, Flonnect has got you covered. 

Webcam Recording 

Want to add a personal touch to your videos? Flonnect allows you to record from your webcam alongside your screen, making it perfect for video presentations, tutorials, and vlogs. 

Simultaneous Screen and Webcam Recording 

Flonnect sets itself apart by offering the unique ability to record both your screen and webcam simultaneously. This feature is incredibly useful for online meetings, product demos, and video interviews. 

Trim and Edit Your Videos 

Don’t waste time using external video editing software. Flonnect comes with built-in video trimming tools, enabling you to cut and edit your recordings effortlessly. Trim out unnecessary parts and get your videos ready to share in no time. 

Generate Video Links 

Sharing your recordings has never been easier. Flonnect lets you generate video links, making it simple to share your content with colleagues, friends, or clients. No more large email attachments or confusing file sharing. 

Annotate Your Videos 

Enhance your videos with annotations. Flonnect allows you to add text, arrows, and shapes to highlight important points in your recordings. Make your tutorials more informative and engaging. 

Movable Camera 

Customize your video layout with Flonnect’s movable camera feature. You can position your webcam feed wherever you like on the screen, giving you full control over your video’s composition. 

Click and Div Highlighter 

Highlighting important elements on your screen is a breeze with Flonnect’s click and div highlighter. Emphasize key information to guide your viewers’ attention. 

Try Flonnect today and discover the difference. Whether it’s for work, education, or personal projects. Start recording, editing, and sharing like a pro today!