What's New in Flonnect: Movable Camera, Annotating Tool & More

Flonnect Screen Recorder has been a go-to tool for content creators, educators, and remote teams looking to create dynamic and engaging videos. With its user-friendly interface and versatile recording options, Flonnect has become a trusted solution for capturing and sharing ideas. Now, Flonnect has upped its game with a set of powerful new features that take your video creation experience to the next level.  

New Features of Flonnect 

These are 4 new exciting features of Flonnect Screen Recorder: The Movable Camera, Annotating Tool, Countdown Timer, and Click & Div Highlighter. These exciting features have the potential to revolutionize your video creation process, taking it to new heights. 

1) Movable Camera: 

One of the most exciting additions to Flonnect is the Movable Camera feature. With this functionality, you have the freedom to position your camera wherever you want on the screen during recording. Whether you want to overlay your camera feed in a specific corner, show specific elements on your screen, or even create picture-in-picture effects, the Movable Camera feature empowers you to customize your video layout and capture attention-grabbing visuals. 

2) Annotating Tool: 

Visual communication is made even more effective with Flonnect’s new Annotating Tool. This tool allows you to annotate and draw directly on your screen while recording. Whether you need to highlight important points, draw attention to specific areas, or provide visual explanations, the Annotating Tool gives you the ability to create interactive and engaging content. By adding arrows, shapes, text, and freehand drawings, you can enhance clarity and emphasize key information in your videos. 

3) Click & Div Highlighter: 

When demonstrating processes or showcasing specific elements on your screen, the Click & Div Highlighter becomes an invaluable tool. This feature enables you to highlight mouse clicks, cursor movements, and specific div elements in web pages. By drawing attention to these interactions, you can guide your viewers’ focus and provide a seamless viewing experience. Whether you’re creating tutorials, software demonstrations, or web design reviews, the Click & Div Highlighter brings clarity and enhances the effectiveness of your videos.