Upload Video

Easily Upload recorded videos and quickly generate a sharable link with others. This feature enables users to directly play any large-size video without any need to download it.
Record your screen and camera smoothly in full HD quality without any lag
Once you finish the screen recording, upload the video to the Flonnect library and generate a link easily.
Share your creativity, knowledge, and point of view in recorded videos quickly with any number of people on any social media platform with the generated video link.

Video Sharing Is Now Easier Than Ever

Quickly convert recorded videos to links with Flonnect. This feature makes video sharing easier than ever before. Share videos via email or popular social media platforms with the generated link and save time on uploading.

One Click Video Play

A Flonnect video link will reach recipients in just a matter of seconds and can be played just by clicking on the shared link. Nothing needs to be downloaded onto the system. Saves time as well as disk space, especially when the video size is large.

Flonnect is cloud-based, which means that recorded videos can be accessed from anywhere around the globe.
After uploading a video to the Flonnect library, users can change the thumbnail and transcribe the video to generate subtitles. Flonnect also offers a video trimming option to remove unwanted parts from the recorded videos.
With the upload video feature, Flonnect users never have to worry about an important video being accidentally deleted or lost.
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Flonnect screen recorder is the best tool to transcribe your recorded videos. It gives you so many premium features for free.
Yes. Flonnect Screen recorder offers free video transcribe feature to convert any recorded video to text.
You can surely use the Flonnect video transcribe feature to convert video into text with full accuracy.